Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ayahuasca Visions (Third Ceremony)

The third ceremony was held outdoors under a full moon. Now that the tarp had been removed, everyone had an unobstructed view of the sky. The night could not have been more perfect. The same ritual pouring and drinking of the ayahuasca was followed. I had an extra measure of the brew poured for me. Once I had settled down in my spot and closed my eyes, the visions began. I could feel the effects five or ten minutes after drinking.I found myself on the cosmic subway again, but this time, when the doors slid open, I got off. The silver mirror was there, and I was able to pass through what appeared to be swinging doors into a space I call the Ayahuasca Cafe. There was a movie theatre with some presence lounging outside the door. The marquee outside read, "Who Really Killed JFK?" in small yellow lightbulbs. I thought, okay, this could be interesting. When I approached the theatre it became apparent that the film was not showing at this time, so I wandered around the building into an alley that led to a stairwell, trailing after a voice that said, "Come this way. Follow me. Wait here." The voice left me standing in the shadows of the stairwell. I considered climbing the steps to the second floor or taking an elevator if it appeared, but instead, I turned around and retraced my route.

I walked through a small gate into a bistro containing tables and chairs and found myself standing in the middle of a garden. Aphid like insects with round bodies and many tiny legs were crawling along the branches of the plants growing here. Little eyes attached to the tips of flexible stems peered at me. I definitely felt that I was in the plant world. I watched three white Stryrofoam balls wearing baseball caps go bouncing between the tables and out of sight. Above my head, there was netting strung across a ceiling that was open to the sky. There were shiny jewel-like objects strung from the netting like shells in some nautical design. I could see the silhouettes of pedestrians and vehicular traffic passing by on the street beyond a lattice screen that defined one boundary of the cafe.

I walked through into a gift shop area where there were jeweled bracelets arranged on a three-tiered serving platter. A voice told me that I could take whichever one I wanted. I actually reached out my hand, but couldn't physically touch what I was seeing. And then a type of metallic computer disk, like a small external hard drive appeared out of the darkness. A voice said that the program was mine. It seemed to click into some invisible socket I was unable to discern. I figured whatever info was being downloaded would become evident in the days to follow.

That's pretty much the entire vision. I got up at that point to visit the toilet. The diarrhea was much less intense on this occasion. The full moon did not have the halo effect it had during the first ceremony. The moon looked like it normally does, bright and full. Clouds seeped like watercolor paint across the moon's surface. Some participants reported seeing meteors streaking through the sky, but I didn't see comets. It was just a beautiful night sky and a peaceful jungle environment and a circle of united souls under the stars.

I watched Riccardo doing his thing. When he approached me, he took my hands, pressed my palms pressed together, and blew smoke over them. Then he held my head and blew smoke into my crown chakra. The expression on his face was intense, his eyes focused, his body squatting before me in the smoke under the moonlight. I lay back on my pad, closed my eyes, but didn't experience any strong visuals. I had tried looking at the clouds that moved across a grid superimposed on the sky, but it was hard to focus my eyes and the effort was making me a little dizzy. I turned on my stomach and stared at the wall of trees behind me and listened to the insects trilling, everything bathed in moonlight and faintly luminescent.

I was feeling quite good about my experience. I felt that I had many questions answered. I felt reassured about the path I was on and felt that I was moving in the right direction. The fact that so many of the people who were participating with me in this ceremony were open to collaboration exhilarated me. Here was both guidance and opportunity freely offered for me to make of it whatever I could. I am deeply grateful to have had such an enriching experience and thankful to those who made my initiation possible. The center of my forehead was sore to the touch after the last ceremony, which suggests to me that my pineal gland had been strongly stimulated.

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