Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Channeling JFK

The possibility of a criminal investigation into the torture policies of the Bush administration is the hot topic in today's news. Pressure for full disclosure is growing, and people are runnning scared. All eyes are on Barack Huessin Obama. Will the miscreants of the prior Bush administration be brought to justice or not? Will there be true exposure or another political cover-up?

There may be no better guide than JFK's words for the difficult decisions Obama must make in the coming days:

Obama's symbolic ties to Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and JFK have been well-documented in the press and Obama has summoned these luminaries to his cause repeatedly over the course of his presidential campaign and during his first 100 days in office. The synchronicities are too pronounced to be ignored. And now this timely message from distant Camelot? An old legend speaks of Arthur's return. Has that day now arrived?

Keep your heart and mind (as well as your eyes and ears) open.


Anonymous said...

this isn't expanding consciousness - this is the narrowing of comnsciousness

oneyenoeye said...

I may have gotten carried away with the "channeling" of spirits in this post, but Kennedy's words seem rather prescient to me. Full disclosure and transparency are the touchstones, no? Not sure what "this" is referencing since there is no clear antecedent.