Friday, February 08, 2008


Mai ka lae o ke kumukahi Ha'ule iho mai nei, ka Wai Ola

(From the brow of the supreme source, droops/ falls/ descends, here to the core of all, the spiritual energy of life)

This was my first glimpse of Kamokila village. I was standing on the road across from 'Opaeka'a Falls on a Sunday afternoon, snapping pictures, on this, our last day on Kaua'i. My wife and I were taking a red-eye flight out of Lihue at 11:30 pm.

We had been exploring a string of heiaus, or temples, leading from the mouth of the Wailua to the river's source at the top of Wai'ale'ale'. We had taken the road as far as it would go to the site of a Hindu temple. On our way down, we decided to stop at the traditional Hawaiian village nestled in the valley below.

We had circumnavigated the entire island by that time. We had toured the Na Pali coastline, watched humpbacks rise from the sea, gone horseback riding up mountain trails in the rain, strolled windswept beaches strewn with driftwood. There was no lack of things to do or places to see. Take a look at Kauai: Mile by Mile, an excellent online guidebook, for a more detailed description of the island.

Now I was standing in this paradisal village, talking to Palani and his friend about the sacredness of this spot. Both of these young men are deep into Huna, an ancient shamanic practice, so our connection was immediate. Palani is a gifted storyteller intent on preserving his heritage and continuing the traditional practices of his people. His family has lived here for generations. He was explaining to me how some of the more powerful shamans are able to trap time by constructing rock structures in alignment with elemental forces. This spot, he said, was a portal. He refered to it as "the stronghold."

When I returned home, I discovered that an Ayahuasca Shamanism Conference, Retreat & Visionary Gathering is being held in the Amazonian rainforest this July. I was excited to find out that Dennis McKenna and Jeremy Narby are two of the facilitators attending this nine day gathering. I feel certain that this is the next step I must take, so after registering online, I'll need to procure a passport and book a flight to Lima, Peru. Expect a full account of the experience when I return.

Another shamanic connection is the work being done by Bill Donohue at the Hidden Meanings Conference Center in Forked River, NJ. He and I have discussed at some length the relation of DMT to the visionary experiences found in the Bible. Visit the Hidden Meanings web site for a wealth of mind-expanding information, including several videos of Bill's lectures.

Mai ka lae o ke kumukahi Ha'ule iho mai nei, ka Wai Ola.


Joon Pak said...

Bill's videos are interesting - but that web site... I'm no great designer, but you must update it from that 1995 one big ass web page design!

oneyenoeye said...

Granted, the Hidden Meanings site could stand a radical overhaul in terms of design and functionality. Bill, however, does not seem overly concerned with aesthetics. He's been using Frontpage for years, and is comfortable using it. For Bill, it's all about the content. It would no doubt be a nightmare stripping out all that extraneous Microsoft code, and certainly something Bill would be ill-equipped to tackle on his own. He's no techie. However, I'm sure he's open to suggestions and whatever technical assistance someone is willing to supply. Any volunteers?