Friday, February 08, 2008

Shamans of the Amazon

Take a look at this 8 minute clip from a longer documentary by Dean Jefferys entitled Shamans of the Amazon. The clip contains footage of an ayahuasca ceremony, some wise words spoken by the shamans, and commentary by Terence McKenna.

The documentary is based on a personal account of Jefferys' experience in the jungle of Ecuador. The video describes DMT's traditional use amongst some Amazonian tribes. You won't find this documentary on Netflix, unfortunately.

Jefferys' films are an outgrowth and an expression of his political and environmental activism. By his own count, he has been arrested over 20 times for following his beliefs. In 1985, Jefferys dropped a 'paint bomb' from his ultra light aircraft onto the deck of the nuclear warship USS Buchanan as it made its way up Sydney Harbour. In 1991, he served as a human shield in the Gulf peace camp in Iraq during the Gulf War.

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Anonymous said...

whats this guys connection between political action and getting stoned in the jungle?